Brainstorming session

Earlier this week, we held a brainstorming session at InvestAtlanta designed to generate civic ideas. Here are a few of our favorites from that session.

1. Identify the best neighborhoods for investment based on City and demographic data. What factors predict the return on investment in a neighborhood? How can City officials use data to create a bigger impact with the same amount of money?

2. Improve the 9-1-1 emergency response system using call audio, location and response information. If data scientists could automate the transcription of calls, what patterns would emerge to help guide dispatch calls? Could data analysis tell us if calls following certain patterns (location, time) get a faster response than others?

3. Measure the structure, network and impact of the startup ecosystem in Atlanta. What does the network of startups and their related organizations in Atlanta look like? How can we measure the impact of the startup ecosystem on the city as a whole? Which parts of the ecosystem need more attention to make Atlanta an even more awesome place for startups?

4. Prioritize city infrastructure improvements using data gathered by the upcoming 3-1-1 portal.  How can the limited resources available for infrastructure improvements be used for maximum impact? For example, how can city officials know which potholes are the most dangerous or annoying to citizens, based on 3-1-1 data?

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