Awesome Campus Project

Hi! I’m Dan Sedra and I want to introduce you to the campus project and its team.

The team hard at work.
The team hard at work. From left: Dan Sedra, Richard Zheng, and Daniel Garcia Ulloa.

About  the Campus Project: The Georgia Tech campus is one of the most wired and sensor-filled in the world. Our project is geared towards finding innovative uses for some of that data that would be useful to the campus community. Our core dataset consists of wifi data collected from hotspots all around campus. This gives us information like the time stamp, data usage, user demographic, and location of a device. Our current plan is to develop a web app and integrate it into the GTMob platform. We may also draw upon other sources of data such as weather, building, bus, and Oscar information. The possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit!

The team with our hot spot mascot Tilly.

Richard ZhengRichard Zheng graduated in May 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech. He will start his Ph.D degree in August at Tech in Industrial Engineering, with a specialization of statistics. He has been actively involved in many data intensive research projects and he loved to unveil valuable information from big data. This is also the reason he is very excited to participate in the DSSG program. In his leisure time, he likes to watch movies and shows, and he is very looking forward to the World Cup that’s only a few days away!

Daniel Garcia Ulloa: Born and raised in Mexico City, I did my undergrad in applied math at ITAM and worked for some time in the Bank of Mexico while finishing my thesis. Work experience didn’t hurt, but I felt the need to return to the student’s life to grow both personally and professionally, so I started my PhD in Computer Science at Emory University in Atlanta. Now I am very excited to work as a Student Affiliate at Georgia Tech, analyzing the use of wifi network throughout campus

Daniel Sedra: I graduated from Carnegie Mellon last weekend (yay!) with a BS in CS. Having endured four years of torture, I was very keen to sign up for more! I will therefore be enrolling in Cornell’s brand new MS in CS program in the Fall. I got a chance to dabble in research as an undergrad, but really want to find my passion in computer science in grad school. Currently, I’m interested in big data (buzzword, I know) and machine learning (learning theory). I got the chance to take some classes with the great Avrim Blum at CMU and his genius really inspired me for the subject. Besides work, I enjoy cycling, running (though I’m not much good), and reading.




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