Answering Questions About Campus

This week, Team WiFi has been streamlining our API and it shows in our results. Our database can now access months of records rather than a week, and we’ve generated some metrics the API can retrieve. We’re finally at the point where we’re getting results on some of the questions we’ve been thinking about for the last 8 weeks.

Some quick statistics about our data:

  • 250+ million log entries from the spring 2014 semester. That’s 4TB of data!
  • 60,000+ users
  • 75,000+ unique devices, which means that there are about 1.25 unique devices per user on campus.

Want to know where to place food trucks at GT, when to go to the campus gym, or unique patterns around campus when it rains? Here’s a teaser of what we’ll be talking about!


We’ll be presenting the results of our data this week at Ponce City Market this Thursday at 6:30pm. We hope you can come and watch!