Public Transit and Accessibility

Last Thursday was the midterm presentation day for the DSSG projects. During this past week we were mostly putting together our presentation for the midterm meeting. The midterm gave us the chance to present our work-in-progress materials and get feedback from mentors and partners to use in the second half of the program. We also met with ARC to discuss more details of the final tool that they are looking for. We are close to finalizing what options and tools they would like and we are working towards delivering a framework to analyze the job accessibility based on public transit in the Atlanta metro area. 

The next step is exploring job accessibility and creating a poverty index by public transit. We are developing a tool that will help ARC and end-users view how far public transit will take them within specified windows of time. Besides showing public transit accessibility, another part of the tool will allow users to explore job densities by category within areas that they can reach by transit. As we receive feedback from ARC we will refine our tool so that it serves them most effectively.

Accessibility by walking

Accessibility by public transit