Cycle Atlanta: Seeing Like a Bike

Goal accomplished. The goals of this week (May 29 – Jun 2) were to understand the project, get familiar with the bike-based sensor platform which was developed by previous students working on this project, and decide how to move forward with this platform.  This bike-based sensor platform consists of four systems; proximity, surface quality, air quality, and gps. During this week, we went through the functionality of all the systems. Additionally. it was important to figure out how to simplify those systems individually, and how to put them together to have a significant improvement of the platform. This way, we have reduced the size of sensing box located in the back of the bike by connecting all the sensors to a single Arduino connected to a single battery, which will power as well the sensing box in the front. By now, one of the previous wooden boxes is used for prototyping and testing purposes, but a completely new case is planned.

Member roles this week.

Erica.      Solder

Noel.       Air quality kit – design and implementation

Javier.    Proximity kit –  design and implementation.

Myeong. Surface quality kit – design and implementation

The images below illustrate part of the work from this week 🙂
Components of the new single back box (left). Assembled components in the wooden box (center). New breadboard which centralizes all the connection in an easier way (right).

Goals for next week: 

Our goals for next week are to implement and test the new proposed architecture of the platform, design the new box for the aggregated kit of the proximity and air quality systems, and, have the GPS and surface quality kit working together in the sensing box situated in the front of the bike. Additionally, a new model of PM2.5 sensor may require a completely new implementation than the existing one designed for a different model.

Work distribution for next week:

Erica.  GPS implementation

Noel.   Design of the box for the implementation of the proximity and air quality systems

Javier. Proximity kit

Myeong.  Surface quality kit

Diagrams of the new connections. PM2.5 sensor is still missing (top). New integrated back sensing box (bottom left). New breadboard for connections linked to Arduino UNO (bottom right).


We are a happy team!

Written by Erica Pantoja