Map Room: Week 4

We worked on two different components of the Map Room this week –

Annabel: My focus this week has been creating a prototype of the Map Room, to model the interaction between the participant input layer and the historical/social commentary data we’re overlaying it with via the projector. I’m using the tax assessment data from 2010-2017 in Fulton County for the prototype, focusing on the recently completed section of the Southwest trail, near Adair Park. Cleaning the dataset was a big chunk of my week. I’ve also been working on a guide to the tax assessment data – to cover the questions of obtaining the data, standards I’ve used working with it, and to address a variety of ethical questions related to the dataset – and I’m pulling some of the most pertinent information from that to contextualize these projected points for visitors to the Map Room. I’m doing this by creating two context panels, one above and one below the projected layer, to discuss these considerations. My current plan is to explore the data over the collection era in a timeline above and an explanation of the appeals system, especially the lack of transparency based on access level, below. 

(the prototype)