Map Room: Week 4 (part 2)

We worked on two different components of the Map Room this week –

Muniba: I primarily considered the design of the interface to enable map room users to choose and project different areas of the BeltLine and data layers. Initially, we hoped to unwind the BeltLine and create a flat, strip map so the user could draw the path as one would walk it. However after further consideration, we decided to instead enable the user to select a rectangular area of a fixed size to zoom in on and map. After looking into different libraries, I ultimately decided to move forward with the MapBox API and p5 for creating maps and drawing, respectively. To display a user’s selection of the map, we will need the coordinates of the central point, the window’s dimensions, and the rotational angle of the rectangular box. After considering these design questions and potential tools, I started looking at the repositories shared with us from the St. Louis Map Room for their projection interface.

Image – Example of a rotated map of the BeltLine I created using the MapBox API.