Atlanta Map Room: Week 5

Annabel: This week I focused on obtaining the datasets to use for our layers – I’m working with data from Trees Atlanta, building permits, as well as demographics, for City of Atlanta, and restaurants around the BeltLine, as well as the tax assessment data I started work on last week. My main focus right now is geolocating the data – much of it has incomplete addresses and there’s a fairly large number of data points – and working with the APIs for both geolocation and Google Places, to get the restaurant locations. My struggles with the APIs right now generally relate to working with the limits of the APIs, especially in terms of numbers of queries made because there’s so much data. I’m also starting to think about how to visualize these data points in more unified ways – for example, there are thousands of building permits and I’m trying to think of ways to show evolution of the points in the dataset over time, which is challenging when there are multiple factors at play but only realistically one point on the map.

Featured, my inspiration for the moment (Yanni’s suggestion) for the demographic data is one of László Moholy-Nagy’s abstract paintings –

Image result for moholy nagy abstract paintings

Image credit: Wiki Art