Atlanta Map Room: Week 5 (part 2)

Muniba: This week, I continued sifting through code shared to us from the St. Louis Map Room in the hopes that it could be repurposed for our use in the Atlanta Map Room. However I soon realized that with current issues in their applications (like the reliance on Mapzen, which has since been shut down) as well as the considerable modifications necessary for our concept, it may be in our best interest to create our own, simpler, proof of concept application. In considering which mapping API to use, I ultimately moved forward with MapBox GL, because it supports map rotation, which is important to creating dynamic visualizations of the BeltLine. With the projector (relatively) set up, I had the opportunity to experiment with different base maps to see what displays best for our use. I created a basic map in MapBox GL with toggle-able data and BeltLine outline (below). In the upcoming week, I’m planning to continue developing this interface with new types of data, and create an interface for selecting a portion of the map.