Atlanta Map Room: Week 6

Muniba – This week, I primarily worked on continuing to develop the mapping application for the Atlanta Map Room. Currently, users are able to zoom, rotate, and toggle layers for our map through our Controller interface on the iPad, which shows a static, rectangular “window” of the area which will be displayed. Then, using, these events are emitted to our local server, which in turn pushes that information to the Projector interface to display.

Image above shows our Project Manager, Chris, drawing a map projected from our interface. Above, you’ll see the rail on which our projector slides across.

Annabel: I spent the majority of this week finishing up geocoding the tax assessment data, which I’ve found really interesting as a case study in civic data. There are a lot of irregularities which make it difficult to handle the set, in my opinion – for example, Sidney Marcus Boulevard is alternately referred to as “Sidney Marcus Blvd” and “Sidney Marcus Blv” which creates a bit of an issue when you need to extract the core portion of the street name, but my regex skills are getting a good workout! I’ve also been finalizing the visualization for the tax assessment data; I’m currently working on making the color intensity proportional to the percent change in assessment from 2010 – 2017/18. A small sneak peek is here, with more to come next week: