ATL Map Room: Week 7

Muniba- For the mapping interface, we’re currently working with Melanie from support to switch over and run off of an Ubuntu virtual machine rather than locally off our laptops. I’ve created a toggle for the rectangle in the Controller, so users can choose between a full size, 16 foot map and a half-sized map, and integrated the toggle with so that information is sent across the server to the Projector. Also, for the Controller on the iPad, I’m working on creating a faded square that shows the user which portion of the map is currently being projected. Moving forward into next week, we plan to complete the prototype of our Atlanta Map Room so that in the week after, we can have our first set of participants from Dr. Loukissas’s class.

The image above shows the updated set up for the Atlanta Map Room – we have a long, 16 foot platform for participants to draw their maps on. You can also see a sample map of Atlanta traced by our project manager, Chris, using our projector interface. The drawing robot was sent to us from the St. Louis Map Room, however we are not yet sure what role it would play.


Annabel – At the beginning of this week I finished up the final map for the tax assessment data as well as a version 2.0 for the panel. After assessing the two in combination, Dr. Loukissas pointed out that it might be more helpful to see the raw data, rather than an explanation of it, next to the mapped data. I’ve subsequently been working on, for most of this week, a dynamic table that shows the all attributes for a given address, which help to understand a point on the map in context. Right now I’ve got the table dynamically updating to the current bounds of the map – via Node.js and the DataTables jquery plug-in – but it needs a hefty bit of stylistic overhaul before it can be seen in the light of day!

Some snapshots of the tax assessment map, below:

Most of Fulton County

On a smaller scale