Atlanta Map Room – Week 8

Muniba – I continued working on the iPad Controller, primarily focusing on writing methods to calculate geographical coordinates to send to the Projector in order for it to know which area of the map to display. These points were found by first finding the pixel coordinates on the html page, and then unprojecting it to geographical coordinates using Mapbox GL functionality. The points I calculated were the four bounding points, as well as the “center” of the leftmost and rightmost projections of the selected map. As well as this, I worked with Melanie to get our application on an Ubuntu virtual machine so we no longer have to run locally.

Annabel – I spent a good chunk of this week working with Muniba and Chris on the interface of the Map Room. We want the user to be able to highlight specific points in the data for discussion, so I created a page that allows you to select from the currently visible points and have that point highlighted on the map, accompanied by its available information on the panel. Besides that, I’ve been spending a bit of time trying to figure out the irregularities (or, rather, unexpected numbers) in the tax assessment data; Amanda looked over the dataset with me and narrowed down the unexpected numbers into a shorter time span and Dr. Dan Immergluck of GSU was then able to enlighten us as to why that change was happening.

The screen to select a point from those currently on view:

The dynamic panel on the projector screen (featuring a highlighted point)