RatWatch: Week 9

Presentations are this week! The RatWatch team is diligently preparing for the final presentation, getting powerpoint slides ready and finalizing the remainder of the project. We have officially finished the website, with the heat map and model fully integrated.¬†We’ve also simplified the design of the website to make it easier to use. A navigation menu was also added to make it easier to find certain sections of the website. We are excited to show you the final product! Expect an official launch next week!

We’ve also taken the time to rethink our approach to the project using what we learned last week from community members. In addition to simplifying the survey and the website, we also plan to advance our advertising efforts to spread the word about RatWatch even further. We want to make sure we reach out to all communities to make sure they are aware of the project and our efforts to help with rat abatement and capture. It’s been 9 weeks of hard work. Let’s finish strong!