Albany Hub

Hello! Our names are Olivia Fiol, Billy Jang, Mirabel Reid, and David Reynolds, and we’re working to bring Smart Housing Analytics to Albany, Georgia. Georgia Tech has partnered with the city of Albany to build a housing data inventory in order to better manage housing investments and address issues of neighborhood blight. Under the direction of Dr. Omar Asensio and in conjunction with Georgia Tech’s Smart Communities Challenge, we will:

  • provide data-driven analysis of housing policies in Albany, Georgia and
  • utilize the ArcGIS Hub tool to visualize housing data and engage with the community.

From this work, local policymakers and community leaders will be given greater access to housing data, allowing them to make better-informed, data-driven decisions.


Through the partnership with Albany, 20 years worth of housing data has been aggregated. This gives us ample opportunities to perform statistical and computational analysis to evaluate and better understand the performance of Albany’s housing investments. This week, we are performing background research to learn more about housing policies in Albany. We will then run descriptive statistics in Python to get a better understanding of the housing data.

Ultimately, we hope to provide Albany with an interactive tool that allows community members and researchers to better understand the past 20 years of Albany’s housing investments. The functionality and design of the tool will be shaped by community workshops held in Albany.

By the end of the summer, we hope to get to know the city of Albany and make a visible positive impact on the community.