GwinNETTwork: Week 4

This Tuesday, one representative of each of our Civic Data Science teams traveled with our advisor, Professor Chris Le Dantec, to Macon to attend the press release of the new Georgia Smart Community Challenge winners of 2019.

Angela was able to go and represent our Gwinnett team. At the event, we learned that Milton, Woodstock, Macon, and Columbus would be the four new cities awarded with the funds and resources provided by Georgia Tech! We also found out that our current project advisor, Dr. Angshuman Guin, will also continue to be a head researcher in the coming year with the Milton team!

Kutub Gandhi (from the Chatham team), Olivia Fiol (from the Albany team), and Angela Lau (from the Gwinnett team) with the Georgia Smart Community Corps and GT President Peterson in Macon, Georgia!

Back at Georgia Tech, David and Jason continued to make progress in the project. Before Angela left to represent our group in the Smart Community Challenges event, all of us came together to discuss what the next version of the website would look like. We were thinking about grouping sets of points near each other into one big bubble that was clickable. When the user clicks on the bubble, the javascript code we have designed using leaflet would zoom into that location and display information about that bubble. Here is a rough draft of the website design we came up with:

We hope to design and implement more advanced features as time goes on. David and Angela continued to make progress on developing the next version of the website. Jason, on the other hand, was coding and debugging a script that would help analyze the firetruck data and outputting meaningful data onto the same file. Specifically, he looked at how the fire truck locations behaved within a 1000 feet box of each traffic light in Gwinnett County. What Jason was looking for was what points were near intersection location, whether the fire trucks at those locations were approaching or receding from the intersection, and what type of movement did the firetruck performed once they reached that intersection. Did they turn left, turn right, or continue straight. We hope to determine if these actions have an effect on the delay the firetruck.