GwinNETTwork: Week 6

It was a shorter week than usual with Independence Day yesterday, but we were still able to work efficiently. We revised our website to display two bubble maps, one displaying the speed around intersections, and a new bubble map displaying the delay at each of the intersections. Additionally, we gave the maps a new visual look, including easier to read color-coding for each of the data points. We were able to get our dataset limited near the intersections. This week we also got new data onto the maps.

A screenshot of the newest speed map (

Currently, we are working to improve our scripts to continue to identify and group the types of movements (left turn, right turn, through) at each intersection This way, we can make the map even more precise and specific.

We also obtained log files for fire truck routes from four fire stations, and are currently working to export them into CSV files so that we can make use of them in our project.

Finally, we started working on the signal data with Zixiu Fu, the Georgia Smart Communities Corp grad student, who is also working on this project! Hopefully, we can start getting the algorithm for connecting the signals to the vehicles soon.

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!