FloodBud Week 8

Things are coming together!


Our visualizations are going on their own website and we have an email system that updates the maintenance crew on the sensors that are causing trouble. While they aren’t fully pat and polished, they are extremely close. In addition, we have cleaned up or visualizations and added further interactivity to the plots. Our webpage now includes a leaflet map that displays circle icons for each sensor for added spatial information. The user can click on a sensor’s icon to toggle plotting the data. The icons also change from outlines to solid to indicate which are currently plotted. The tool can be used by Dr. Clark and citizens alike, including exploration features that can further highlight and inform people of coastal flooding in Georgia. 

Our main challenge is putting our materials on a server to be accessible to the public – our final product will look something like what’s pictured above. 


With our final week coming up, we are planning to make our final presentation and poster for the showcare Wednesday afternoon. After that, we hope to only have documentation and commenting left to clean up!