GwinNETTwork: Week 8

Time flies—our last week is coming in soon (next week!), but we’re not ready to leave yet 🙁

This week, we wrapped up working on the histogram and began associating signal data with the fire truck data.

To wrap up the program, we designed this year’s final t-shirts and stickers.

Our t-shirt logo/program sticker design
The designs for all of the projects to be put on the back of the shirt

Meanwhile, we have been filtering through the most updated data in the server to update our website maps (speed and delay) and to generate our new histogram. In the process, we’ve run through many bugs and problems that has made the process lengthier than expected. The good thing is that we finally finished these this week!

This weekend, we’ll be taking a group trip to Sweetwater Creek State Park for a picnic and hike!